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Industrial fan characteristics

Date:2018-11-12        Clicks:882

Industrial fan characteristics

              Industrial fan is medium model, life and industry, mainly small and medium-sized model, in the machinery and equipment such as computer cooling fan, centrifugal fan, etc.

             1, industrial cooling fan efficient ultra-quiet and gently wind can make the temperature inside the machine equipment is reduced, effectively control in normal temperature condition, all-round improve ventilation situation, also can strengthen the air circulation. The HengWen can from the most fundamentally improve the work efficiency, keep the equipment service life effectively.

            2, industrial fan leaves resistance to high temperature of 155 degrees Celsius. Using pure copper motor, can effectively control product quality. Enameled wire winding line is one of the main varieties, composed of conductor and insulation layer two, bare wire after annealing softening, again after a lot of paint, baking. And installation is simple, lubrication performance is good, long service life, components are of good quality. And range, by the wind speed is low, environmental protection, the node performance is good. Mounting holes use "tap tooth aperture", after the installation is firm, not easy to drop, high safety.

            3, other industrial fan use aluminum alloy casing outside the metal frame, and the lacquer that bake. This will prevent the possibility of industrial cooling fan rust. Super silent system, no matter which product running, small voice, finally is adsorption air flow, blow away the dust, keep the equipment.